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How did it actually start? A simple history of the London Underground

A new book by Mark Ovenden explores what lies beneath the streets of major cities including London, New York and Tokyo


London Canal Museum: the best-kept secret in King’s Cross?

Sure, it’s a little old-school but this waterside museum will surprise you with its history at every turn


How well do you know the Tower of London?

In this extract from Britain’s Pilgrim Places, author Nick Mayhew-Smith on its spiritual significance, and surrounding sites


The curious tale of St Pancras Old Church

From Mary Shelley to The Beatles, this atmospheric corner has seen it all, says Matt Shaw

Design & Style

Why Bloomsbury is so tricky to locate

Matthew Ingleby on the historic enclave untethered to the name of any tube station

The exterior of Housmans bookshop

Housmans: the story of a ghostbuster and a radical bookshop

Caledonian Road’s pioneering bookstore owes its existence to an exorcist, says Andrew Whitehead

Film & Theatre

Video: The London Nobody Knows – see Camden in the 1960s

Photographer and writer Dan Hall on Norman Cohen’s unique film that captured the city like no other


The story of Fitzrovia – the other side of Oxford Street

An extract from author Ann Basu’s new book on why Fitzrovia has always had an ‘edge-land quality’


‘Dancing on Joey’s grave’: the tale of the King’s Cross clown

The most renowned of all clowns lies buried just a short stroll from King’s Cross, and every year clowns gather there to honour his memory


See abandoned Bagley’s nightclub morph into Coal Drops Yard

Exclusive images reveal the King’s Cross rave venue, originally massive Victorian railway buildings, transform once again into London’s glam new retail destination