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5 Minutes With: children’s author Javier Goode

Discover science, nature, hopes and dreams with your little one in his new book How I Made You

Hi Javier. Who are you?
Javier Goode, father – and now author. I still find it hard to believe that my books are out there for people to see and read. It has always been an ambition of mine. I’m based in Sittingbourne in Kent, but grew up in a small village near Ipswich where there was never very much going on.

So how did your new book, How I Made You, come about?
Quite simply – it was for my daughter. She is the main reason why I opened up my laptop to write. She inspires me. Admittedly, I wrote most of How I Made You in the notes section on my smartphone. On the go, whenever I had an idea, I’d just get it down before I forgot. The idea came to me when I was looking for books for her. I needed to find something inclusive, science-y and inventive. My publishers Ghost & Ribbon helped make it pretty with their colourful attractive design from their team. I also wanted it to be a little bit sentimental, and all about the love parents have for their children mixed in with the dreaded question: ‘Where do babies come from?’

Why did you choose that title?
The main motivation behind it was to make it clear that the book is answering that question, helping little people understand the practical and emotional behind nature. The hope and the dreams that go along with parenting are wrapped up in this book, as well as chromosomes and DNA. I made a point of not assuming that children will have a mum and a dad as we all are aware that families come in different colours, shapes and sizes. This book is truly for everyone.

How often do you write?
Honestly, not that much. A children’s book doesn’t take long to write, although there were many alterations. I felt the passion in this book and as soon as I feel it again, I will get writing right away. The hardest part was that I wanted it to rhyme.


What’s the best rhyme in the book in your opinion?
“You’ll always
have questions,
little button,
many or few.

So in case you wondered,
this is the story of how I made you…”

And now the big question: what is your favourite book?
I’ve always been attached to Lord of the Flies. I just think it has a meaning that resonates to people of all ages, an interesting exploration of character, betrayal, necessity and honour. It was one of the first books I remember getting through when I was younger, and there is a copy waiting for my daughter to pick up when she’s ready.

Do you have a favourite word?
Maybe ‘palindrome.’ Like my daughter’s name.

Do you have a favourite quote?
‘The best way to make children good is to make them happy.’ Oscar Wilde.

How important is reading and literature to you?
Very important. I wasn’t very good at school, so my main goal in life is to make sure that my child or any children I have in the future have a better education than me. And reading helps with all subjects and all aspects of life. So many children don’t have the opportunity for literacy and all parents can start with themselves. Or with my book!

Are you writing anything now?
To be honest I’m just enjoying reading my daughter my book every night before bed.

Is there anything you’d like to say to your readers?
In the past, we lost a child during pregnancy, and so this book is dedicated to all the children: past, present and future. Some people thought it was odd that, as a man, I was writing a book for my daughter, but nothing has made me a better person than her. Our experience has made turned me into more than I ever thought I could be: a father, an author.

Finally what do you do when you’re not writing?
Batch-cooking and working mostly. My wife and I are parents to a toddler, and we are having a lot of fun figuring out the best way to shape a little human, which was my inspiration to write.

How I Made You by Javier Goode is out now and available at and Amazon.

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