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Queer Britain: UK’s first LGBTQ+ museum opens in Granary Square

This spring the first dedicated national LGBTQ+ museum comes to the heart of King's Cross

And now, some positive news. Queer Britain has today secured its first physical home in Granary Square, occupying part of a historic building owned by the charity Art Fund. It succeeds the House of Illustration as tenants, who are currently moving to a larger space.

Established in 2018, Queer Britain is a registered charity whose aims are for the new museum to be a fully inclusive space. Opening in May, it will welcome everyone regardless of sexuality or gender identity – allowing visitors to explore and learn about the past, present and future stories that the queer community is steeped in.

Queer Britain
The Granary Square building that will house Queer Britain. Photo: PR

The museum will be fully accessible via lifts and ramps, and always free to visit, but will welcome donations to support its work. It will have four gallery spaces, a gift shop and office facilities, later to be followed by education and workshop spaces.

“It’s time the UK had an LGBTQ+ museum, for all,” says Joseph Galliano, director and co-founder. “And we’re delighted to have found our first home in beautiful Granary Square, with Art Fund as our first landlord. It’s a prime location, accessible to swathes of the country, and in a part of town with a rich queer heritage.”


Queer Britain opens on May 5th in Granary Square N1C. It will announce further plans shortly. Follow @queer_britain and @queerbritain for the latest

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