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Missing your local? Order Signature Brew’s Pub In A Box

Drink craft beer and do a pub quiz with your mates - remotely, of course

Fancy a pint in these strange times? Yep, us too. And we’ve always had a soft spot for Blackhorse Road-based indie brewery Signature Brew, who originated on an industrial estate in Leyton.

Now their cunning new Pub In A Box – which they kindly sent over to us to try – is surely the self-isolating boozer’s must-have weekend item, at least for craft beer heads.

It comprises eight cans, including their classic IPA Roadie, our personal favourite, the more tropical Backstage IPA, and the blow-your-brains-off Django, a potent IPA clocking in at 7.3%. Extra points for the Pink Vinyl, a fruit-yet-sour beer with a touch of saltiness. Really.

But what about the pub bit, we hear you ask? Well, the box also contains a branded pint glass, beer mat, a couple of snacks and a not-for-dummies music pub quiz, which actually proved a riot when we roadtested it, alongside the beers, on Zoom last night with a few mates. No Googling allowed, obvs.


Even better, the boxes are delivered by currently out-of-work musicians (whose tours have been cancelled due to the virus), part of the brewery’s history of music industry collabs – right down to the names of their beers.

Sure, it might not be the most fun you can have indoors, but it beats another night of Netflix. In the meantime, stay safe.

Signature Brew’s Pub In A Box is £25: more info on their website here.

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