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Our two print titles
Two of our titles, Kentishtowner and Gasholder, available both in print and online
Gasholder is a monthly print title & daily online magazine that quite simply loves London.

Published by London Belongs To Me, the team behind award-winning flagship Kentishtowner, it started life in 2014 as a barometer of the fast-moving cultural happenings around King’s Cross and St Pancras.

Since that time its remit has grown to cover wider independent food, arts, music, LGBT and travel stories across (mostly) central swathes of the capital. Not forgetting KX, natch.

With that in mind, our writers roam everywhere from Holborn to Hackney, Bloomsbury to Bow – and (sometimes far) beyond. Come with us – if you will.

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Gasholder is published by London Belongs To Me, an award-winning boutique publishing house whose focus is on the interesting, less heralded bits of the capital that are sometimes forgotten in the stampede towards Soho or Shoreditch.

Our north London flagship title Kentishtowner was founded by broadsheet writer Stephen Emms in 2010. It won funding from Nesta in 2012 and started a monthly print edition in 2013.

Like London? Our other publications include south London’s Below The River; east London neighbourhood title Leytonstoner; north London’s Seventhsister; central London’s Eustontowner; and a travel site, Weekendr.

Together our titles attract 250k readers, with about 125K on social media too.

Gasholder is available free at 100 key pubs, bars, shops and cafes in eight London postcodes: N1, WC1, N1C, NW1, N7, NW5, N19, and NW3 and WC1. Estimated readership is 40,000 in print with the same again online.

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Editor Stephen Emms
New Business director and associate editor Tom Kihl
Designer Tan Doan
Staff Writer Clare Hand
Contributors Sarah Park, Brendan Hodrien
Advertise: contact tom@londonbelongstome.com

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We sometimes accept hosted reviews, features or trips, which is always made clear in the article. If the article is sponsored, this will also be started clearly.

If you are a PR, have a forthcoming event, or wish to pitch us feature ideas please email Stephen Emms at info@gasholder.london