London's Cultural Guide



Technology ain’t all bad: here’s proof

Digital Agenda celebrates the tech that’s changing our world for the better, via their first Impact Awards


Back to school? David Waters, journalist/counsellor

Over the next three weeks, we meet professionals who have established themselves in one field – only to enjoy success in another


What’s it like running a traditional boozer nowadays?

Meet Gerry McGlynn, who’s been at the helm of his pub off the Euston Road for 25 years


The life and times of the King’s Cross news stand guy

It’s been there since 1914, and has withstood two world wars, the 7/7 bombings, and gentrification. Meet Andy Stephenson, who’s been at the helm for the last 23 years


Cerys Matthews: ‘It’s the best job in the world’

The musician and radio presenter on her BBC 6 show, her upcoming festival, and why she’s hosting next weekend’s Poetry & Lyrics event in King’s Cross


Life Tips: Clare Davidson, voice coach at the Poor School

‘ I think houses are like people. With my house, I know every creaky floorboard, every brick’


5 minutes with…Theodore Kyriakou, The Greek Larder

He originally studied to become a captain in the navy. We meet a chef with a long history in London restaurants


Ich Bin: Emma Hayley, founder Self Made Hero

‘I’m honoured to work with some incredible authors and artists’


Knowledge Quarter #4: Patricia Latter, The Royal Veterinary College

We’ve met a community group, university and dance school so far, and now we further highlight the depth of different KQ member organisations with a visit to the local vets


Knowledge Quarter #3: Kenneth Tharp OBE, The Place

The UK’s premier centre for contemporary dance highlights the broad range of organisations involved in the KQ. Here’s why…