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No-one was sadder than us about the collapse of our free monthly print title, which ran for five years.

In fact, for the hell of it, take a butchers at the first ever print cover of Gasholder back in 2014.

And yet such is the reality of independent online cultural publishing in 2020. Like many small and micro businesses, Covid-19 has not helped matters in the slightest.

However, despite zero resources, we still happily have many, many thousands of readers and social media followers as we approach our sixth birthday this autumn.


With this in mind, we’ve just relaunched the email newsletter in a new, gossipy magazine-style weekly format. Think of it as a shorter, once-a-week version of the print title, if you like. On a much lower budget of course. (Budget, what budget?)

Expect a friendly mix of food, arts, culture and people, highlighting tasty nuggets you may have missed as well as fresh mailshot-only tips and articles. And we might chuck in an interesting link or two to our sister sites Kentishtowner, Leytonstoner, Below The River and Weekendr.

The forthcoming issue, out this Friday, is a food special: well, it is #EatOutToHelpOut season, after all.

So if this sounds like your cup of tea, sign up in the box below this feature (if you’re on a smartphone), or on the bottom right (if you’re reading it on a laptop) – and get a damn good read every Friday morning.

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