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A new bridge for London (but it’s not over the Thames)

Somers Town bridge over the Regent's Canal will connect King's Cross with the south of Camden

Somers Town Bridge King's Cross.
Somers Town Bridge: “it would be inappropriate for it to be a flamboyant structure.” Photo: PR

Now, a positive story for a chilly grey Friday. We’ve just heard that a brand spanking new bridge is to be opened this time next year over the Regent’s Canal.

The plans for Somers Town Bridge were approved last night by Camden Council. Designed by Moxon Architects, it will span the water between Camley Street and what will be known as Gasholder Gardens.

At its slimmest point, the bridge will be only  a teensy 15mm thick and yet the entire 38-metre crossing is to be spanned without any intermediate support. In keeping with the Victorian design in the immediate area it will be “robust and unadorned,” say the architects.

Ar it's slimmest point just
Robust and unadorned. Photo: PR

“In such a diverse context of landmark structures and historic fabric it is inappropriate for the new bridge to be an overly flamboyant structure,” says Moxon’s practice director Ben Addy. “It will be a considered and beautiful addition to the location, but as emphatically and enjoyably practical as its Victorian neighbours.”


It’s worth pointing out that the bridge and ramp will be separate to Camley Street Natural Park, connecting directly to Camley Street itself with its own entrance.

Oh, and it’ll be closed between 9pm and 6am, at least for the first year. Why? There are some long-established bats in the area and the bridge lights may distract them from their usual habitat. Awww.

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