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Multi-Story Orchestra are coming to King’s Cross

The groundbreaking classical musicians will perform two unmissable summer concerts


he renowned troop of classical musicians – who’ve claimed their fame by popping-up in disused carparks, schools and festival across the country – will be heading to NC1 for the first time this month.

The Multi-Story Orchestra will spread across 10-floors of the recently completed Four Pancras Square – soon to be Universal Music’s new home. Audience members will be able to wander from storey to storey, chatting with performers and hearing various mini-concerts before the evening culminates in a unified group performance of Terry Riley’s ‘In C’.

Later in the year (5 September), the orchestra’s co-founder and conductor Christopher Stark will take to the stage under the West Handyside Canopy, leading his team in a performance of Schumann’s ‘Symphony No 2’. As with the first concert, the audience will be encouraged to roam around, meeting the musicians and discovering more about the piece before the full performance begins.

“We are thrilled to be making our debut performances at King’s Cross this summer. These two unique spaces let us share extraordinary music in an innovative and interactive way with new audiences,” says Stark. In fact, tickets are a reasonable £5 or £10 (the choice is yours), as part of the group’s efforts to attract both classical music aficionados and novices to their unique concerts.


Tickets £10/£5, Terry Riley’s ‘In C’, 10 May 8-10pm, 4 Pancras Square N1C, available here.
Schumann’s Symphony No. 2, 5 September 7-9pm, West Handyside Canopy, N1C, available here.

Main image: Christopher Stark leading the orchestra, PR

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