London's Cultural Guide



MUST DO: check out the new Lewis Cubitt Square and Park in King’s Cross

Don’t miss a party for the historic opening of a leafy new square and waterside park – the first big happening of the year in N1C

Design & Style

Public Speaking: Tom Beecroft, the Jaunty Flaneur

‘We offer a safe way into paid work – for people with little or nor formal education or experience’


Ich Bin: Meriel Armitage, burrito specialist

“Granary Square has such a nice vibe, it reminds me of the streetfood outdoor culture I enjoyed so much in Melbourne”


Ich Bin: Nasim Ali OBE, charity director

“I hate racists, sexists and homophobes”


Don’t miss: the Steam Extravaganza in Granary Square

Yet another free event takes over Granary Square this weekend. Thank goodness it’s undercover


Ich Bin: Shaun Young, coffee guru

“My most unappealing habit? I haven’t worn socks for the last four months”