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Step inside the new winter sculpture lighting up Granary Square

Temenos is a striking new geometric installation created by trailblazing US-born artist Liliane Lijn

Have you caught sight of the mighty Temenos yet? This striking new geometric winter sculpture is right in the heart of Granary Square, created by trailblazing American-born artist, Liliane Lijn.

N1c’s cobbled piazza always does something interesting for the festive season – remember this? – and its industrial backdrop works nicely with this eye-catching and vivacious structure, which will, says the artist, “bring light and colour into the dark winter months.”

So what’s it all about? Lijn has conceived the artwork as a magic circle and space that contains a protective energy, an abstracted grove of trees which visitors can venture inside and immerse themselves in light. Hence the vivacious bit.

Tenemos Granary Square
Photos: John Sturrock

Renowned for her innovative kinetic artworks and pioneering the use of technology, Lijn’s towering structure measures 11.3m high. Instantly recognisable with its prominent cone shape, Temenos comprises 19 neon yellow and orange poles, each with light running along their length and which will illuminate the skies, day and night.


The complex structure, in which all parts are dependent upon one another, references the “importance of support networks, physical and metaphorical,” she says, “particularly after this challenging 18 months.”

Hear, hear. Now, let’s bathe in light.

Temenos will be on display in Granary Square until February 2022. Follow @kingscrossn1c for more.

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