Top 5 Tips: Tyre Maintenance

Going on a staycation this summer? Follow these simple tips to keep yourself and the ones travelling with safe

Tyres are one of the most important parts of any vehicular transport. They must be kept in good operating condition at all times. Bad tyres cannot only jeopardise your safety, but can also result in damage to vehicle or other parts of vehicle.

Many people have just no idea about preventive maintenance, and only come to know about the tyre problem when some damage occurs due to malfunction of tyres.

It’s therefore mandatory that we have a good knowledge about the upkeep of tyres and should put to practice this knowledge. Here are five tips which can help you to keep your tyres in good operational condition:

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1. Make a Tyre Log Book to keep record of all the tyres. After entering basic information regarding date of purchase, types of tyres and mileage etc a column-wide record may be maintained. The important columns of this log book may include date of installation, monthly running, rotation record, date of alignment and wheel balancing, and record of any major work e.g. polishing and buffing etc.


2. Always keep your tyre pressure as per user manual. Tyre pressure specifications are also indicated at different places on the car body usually on door frames of the vehicles. Tyre pressure should also be kept according to terrain, weather conditions and load in the vehicles. For example, while driving in the desert, we require broader area of contact with the ground for which low tyre pressure is recommended. Likewise, in case of excessive weight in the trunk we may need more pressure in the rear wheels. In case of driving in snow we may require tyre chains to increase traction and friction to avoid skidding.

3. Always keep your tyres clean. Dirty or muddy tyres result in quick wear and tear. For this purpose, it is a good idea to polish your tyres on monthly service visit to the mechanic. A daily clean up with water and hard brush is advisable to remove any damaging material stuck up in the threads.

4. Daily check your tyres before starting the vehicles for the day. For this a tyre pressure gauge may be kept available. While parking your vehicle it may be ensured that direct sunrays are not falling on the tyres.

5. Any tyre which is abnormally worn or is excessively worn out must be changed immediately. Ideally all tyres should be simultaneously changed in order to ensure uniform wear and tear. In case of tyre replacement, one needs to get in touch with a local garage. If you’re looking for affordable Tyres in Erith, just north-east of Bexleyheath, visit Dartford Tyres and buy quality tyres at a reasonable price. Tyres can be booked online as well.

Follow all these simple yet important tyre maintenance tips to keep yourself and the ones travelling with you as safe as possible.

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