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From Script to Stage: coming soon to Theatro Technis

Sixteen new plays in two days? Take a deep breath and head to the cutting-edge NW1 theatre

Sixteen new plays and thirty-eight actors spread over two nights – how does that sound?

Taking place in March at Theatro Technis, the 60-year-old theatre just north of St Pancras Old Church, be prepared for something like a whirlwind of performances. Well, eight shows a night, that is.

Presented by not-for-profit organisation Saw It Here First and produced by Elene Hadjidaniel, it’s an opportunity for talented writers, directors and creatives to demonstrate what they’re about. But you’ll have to get yourself down there to find out more.

So what’s the story of this iconic building (read more about it over on Eustontowner)? Founded in 1957, in what was then the heart of London’s Cypriot community, Theatro was created by actor, director and writer, George Eugeniou.


Aside from producing cutting-edge theatrical works, the space also looks to improve the awareness and well-being of its audiences. As the neighbourhood has changed, the theatre’s mandate has evolved as it looks to serve a new diverse London community.

Theatro now hosts a variety of plays from Classical Greek, Shakespeare, Chekhov and new writing by international artists. In the case of From Script To Stage, all proceeds go to Joey’s Fund too, a collection run by the Grace Kelly Ladybird Charity to help children fight against cancer.

All in all, this hidden NW1 creative haven is worth everyone’s support.

Tickets and more info on upcoming performances here. From Script To Stage, 2nd & 3rd Mar, 7:30pm, 26 Crowndale Road NW1

Main image: From Script To Stage

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