Tenner Or Less: Tommi’s Burger Joint, Soho

Top-level burgers in the latest candidate for the best value deals across town

Burgers at Tommi's

Where: It’s one of two Tommi shacks in the West End. The first was in Marylebone; this tiny corner joint is in Soho. They’re both the brainchild of Scandinavian burgermeister Tommi, who’s been frying patties in his native Iceland since an inaugural Burger Joint opened in downtown Reykjavik in 2004 (his original brand, Tommi’s Hamburgers, in fact dates back to 1981). The USP? No-nonsense beef from award-winning HG Walter butchers in Barons Court, and bread from Millers Bakery in south London.

What: We gobbled one steak burger, and one classic 150g beef patty with lettuce, tomato, onion, ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise. They’re incredibly simple to look at, but the meat is exceptional: juicy, medium rare as requested, and enviable value (£8.90 and £6.90 respectively). Plainish chips are an extra £2.75 – and not essential, we concluded – while a pot of béarnaise wasn’t needed at all, as it didn’t add anything extra. In short, it’s all about the patties here.

Why: Head chef Siggi Gunnlaugsson cooks the burgers over an American gas grill to enhance the charcoal flavour. And, on another note, this little corner of Soho is one of the few places you can quite easily got a seat. It’s a top feed for a tenner.

Don’t: Ask the waitress for a knife and fork. They were nearly chucked at us. So maybe our one tip is to be a bit friendlier?


Notes: It’s licensed too, if you want a beer or wine. And grab a spot at the window-facing counter for maximum Soho #realness.

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Tommi’s Burger Joint, open daily, 37 Berwick Street, more info here.

Main image: Jade Nina Sarkhel

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