MUST DO: Windrush at British Library, Japanese Theatre & Grosse at Gagosian

Noh fest hits King’s Cross, new showcase Songs in a Strange Land opens at the BL and the first major London show by the German artist


THEATRE: Noh way


his two-day festival at King’s Place explores the surreal elements of Noh, the iconic 650-year old theatrical tradition that originated in 14th century Japan. The show sheds light on the unique dramaturgy of Mugen Noh, in which the main actor appears as a ghost in the dream of a travelling monk performed by the supporting actor.

The ghost then tells the tragic story of its past life, expressing deep regret and lamentations, hoping to find peace. Top Noh performers from Japan will work with British artists and neuroscientists in genre-defying collaborations to examine the surreal artistic elements of Noh. More info here, Fri 29th / Sat 30th June, King’s Place N1


Map of the Caribbean. Photo: British Library
Windrush: Songs in a Strange Land is a new exhibition in the British Library’s Entrance Hall Gallery that’s worth a morning’s diversion. Seventy years after hundreds of migrants came to London, visitors can hear the Caribbean voices behind the 1940s headlines, through manuscripts, letters, oral histories and music. It looks at how the Windrush story is much more than the dawn of multiculturalism it has come to represent. Until 21st Oct, free, British Library, Euston Road NW1

ART: Katharina Grosse

Katharina Grosse
Studio of Katharina Grosse. Photo: PR
Don’t miss the German artist’s first major show in London, revealing the ways in which “painting catalyzes the unfolding of multiple dimensions” on a single surface. At the centre of the exhibition is a single painting of oceanic scale on loose cloth.


Born in Freiburg in Breisgau, Grosse currently lives and works in Berlin, her pieces embracing the events and incidents that arise as she paints with bright, unmixed sprayed-on acrylics. Free, until July 27 2018. Opening hours Tue–Sat 10-6pm, more here. 6-24 Britannia Street WC1

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