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So you’ve never been to… Maple & King’s

In which we take a wry look at neighbourhood favourites old and new

Range of seasonally changing salads. Photo: PR

Age: Nine months.

Previous incarnation: None, it’s a very freshly built building. But there’s a sister branch of this deli, called Maple & Fitz, in W1.

Where exactly is it? You know Pancras Square, flanked by posh chains on the western side, with Google holding court in the middle? It’s right there, just beyond the verdant lawn and its water feature. A second, in fact, from the new Jigsaw and Kimchee stores.

So what goes on there? Healthy stuff. Not vegan – instead it’ll appeal to your inner flexitarian or vagan, although the fish and meat protein options here feel somewhat incongruous. Canadian chef Adria Wu’s remit is “healthy, hearty food”, encompassing breakfast, cold-pressed juices, lunches and a gluten-free bake shop offering salted caramel brownies, cookies and mini berry vegan muffins to snack on.


Winter warmers. Photo: PR

What can I eat? Your best bet is the seasonally changing salads. They’re £5.50 for a pretty decent-sized box to eat in or take away, and the autumn selection includes five colourful options: kale, romaine, cabbage, toasted seeds; Singapore noodles with turmeric, leeks, carrot and chilli; a Mexican bulgar wheat with avocado, black beans, peppers and coriander lime pesto; roasted pumpkin, wild rice and gremolata; and sweet potato, quinoa, mushrooms and sriracha sundried tomatoes. Phew. Mix up the five at no extra cost for a tasty lunch with lots of interest.

The interior: Clean white surfaces roughed up with reclaimed oak and marble, with a mezzanine area. An alfresco terrace allows a degree of separation from the munching masses on the square.

And what do I drink? If you want more than tap water, the coffee is good. And of course the fresh juices.

Do say: “I’ll have a mix of everything please?’”

Don’t say: “Where’s Leon?”

Maple & King’s is open daily at No 1, 3 Pancras Square N1C. More info here.

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