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Tenner Or Less: Foodilic, King’s Cross

Value salad boxes from the bloke behind the Little Bay restaurants

Honest, healthy scran. Photo: Foodilic
Honest, healthy scran. Photo: Foodilic
Where? In the middle of Pentonville Road’s increasingly food-ocused lower strip, this Brighton import is a fledgling chain from Peter Ilic (geddit?) the man behind the long-standing, super-affordable Little Bay restaurants, too.

What? The £7.20 salad box lunch deal. Choose two of the colourful salads (although on our visit they happily gave us a bit of a third), plus one of the hot canteen-style mains, for a generous, hearty take away. Salad combinations include things like kale and pomegranate, sweet potato and fig, or roast cauliflower and spinach, so not a limp bit of iceberg or dry carrot stick in site.

Why? It’s honest, healthy scran, good value for the wealth of salad ingredients, all piled high. Our lamb meatballs were a little bland, and the stuffed veggies looked quite dry too, but it’s a modern twist on the trad health food café experience.

Don’t: Sit inside on a hot summer’s day. It’s dark and hot, despite the curvaceous white interior design. Instead, repair to nearby Joseph Grimaldi Park, where benches under shady trees are plentiful.


Notes: There are plenty of vegan options and raw desserts here too. Plus from 6pm everything savoury is half price, although the array of salads don’t look quite so beautiful, or plentiful, by then.

Foodilic is at 260 Pentonville Rd, N1, open daily from 8am-7pm. Find our more here

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