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DJs return to King’s Cross as Spiritland announce venue

Expect showcase vinyl sets 7 days a week on one of the world’s best sound systems

Spiritland pop-up at Merchants Tavern. Luxurious high fidelity listening. Photo: Spiritland
Spiritland pop-up at Merchants Tavern. Luxurious high fidelity listening. Photo: Spiritland
Spiritland, the high fidelity music experience that started life as a pop-up in the bar at Shoreditch restaurant Merchants Tavern, have announce they are taking permanent residency in their own 2,000 square foot space in the heart of King’s Cross.

That means a DJ venue will return to the area for the first time since the legendary nightclubs Bagley’s, The Cross and The Key were mothballed for redevelopment back in 2008.

The new KX Spiritland will incorporate a bar and restaurant alongside their acclaimed world-class, rich-bodied, analogue sound system, with specially modified turntables, valve amplification and a rare Bozak mixer.

DJs will once more be encouraged to showcase their extensive vinyl record collections in luxurious surroundings more akin to your dream front room than a sweaty dancefloor, with in-depth musical programming at the centre of everything at the new venue.


Its location is rumoured to be on Stable Street, the first occupied section of the vast new foodie-cum-entertainment-cum-retail Coal Drops Yard complex, which will eventually incorporate the whole of former warehouse rave space Bagley’s. See our amazing pics from inside the Bagley’s building here.

The Spiritland team includes Paul Noble, the man behind a string of acclaimed music consultancy projects such as Monocle24 and the Green Man Festival Radio, plus Patrick Clayton-Malone and Dominic Lake of trailblazing restaurants Canteen and, of course, Merchants Tavern.

The Stable Street venue will open in September and will welcome music lovers seven days a week, from early morning till late night.

More info to follow soon.

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