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Enjoy the election night drama live at King’s Place

Knowledge Quarter to host a free special event as history unfolds

King's Place, home of the Guardian and best place to watch the results come in on Thursday
King’s Place, home of The Guardian and best place to watch the results come in on Thursday

Thursday night’s general election results already have the nation primed and ready for high political drama. With the outcome absolutely anybody’s guess, promises (and hearts) are waiting to be broken and uncomfortable power deals ready to be struck (no matter what they’re telling us now).

So with an historic rip-snorter of a late night battle on the cards, King’s Cross organisation Knowledge Quarter, currently featured on the cover of our latest Gasholder print edition, have put together a rather special – and totally free – election night event.

The evening starts at the British Library, with a ‘speed lecture’ about the document that inspired some of today’s fundamental liberties entitled ‘everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Magna Carta’. It will take place in the midst of the Library’s current major Magna Carta exhibition, with curator Julian Harrison.

Then the action moves to King’s Place, with the promise of a late bar to help with the wait for those first counts to come in. Also look out for the team from Scribeira, who’ll be illustrating their interpretation of the results there and then.


Sign up for free tickets now, as they are inevitably being snapped up fast, and we’ll see you there for a night of cheers, tears and raw, living democracy.

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