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58% would rather rave than eat sushi – our Turnmills survey results

With a posh Japanese restaurant about to open on the site of Clerkenwell’s infamous former club, we asked readers for their view on the changing face of London nightlife

When composing the headline a new Turnmills for 2015, we knew that an inevitable flurry of reminiscence would follow.

The news (admittedly quite exciting for our bellies) that Social Eating House maestro Jason Atherton will be opening his brand new Japanese joint, Sosharu, on the corner of Clerkenwell Road was still dwarfed by the fact it will occupy hallowed turf: the former site of the UK’s first licenced 24-hour subterranean rave palace, Turnmills.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, our none-too-scientific poll of misty-eyed ravers of a certain age has produced the following results:

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With the shifting sands of London’s cherished nightlife very much in the news right now, we’ll admit to a pang of nostalgia for the carefree Gurnmills dancefloor days. But if the venue was still rumbling away today, the 90s club generation would doubtless be moaning how it wasn’t as good as it used to be over plates of sushi up the road.

Still, we think the site deserves a blue plaque at the very least. The things that went on down there changed lives, had a huge cultural impact – and wouldn’t be believed by the polite diners about to munch down sashimi on the very same spot.

Old vs the new: Turnmills then and now
Old vs the new: Turnmills then and now

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