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Granary Squirt: control the KX fountains with your mobile

Multi-player arcade game classics with the water jets on Granary Square? We'll have some of that

Ever stared at the iconic fountains of Granary Square, perhaps from the vantage of the King’s Cross Viewing Platform, and thought: what I’d really love to do is play an old skool arcade game with those geometric water jets?

We can’t say we ever had (being more inclined to run through them shrieking with unrestrained glee if the weather is anything other than freezing), but we’re very glad someone else has come up that very idea.

A suitable follow-up to 2013’s ‘rave’ Xmas tree on Granary Square (click the image to read more about it)

The first mobile app of its kind, Granary Squirt gives users the ability to control the dancing water via their smartphone.

Not only is it free from all app stores, its designed to keep users thoroughly hooked, via the release of a series of retro games that can be played by connecting to Granary Square’s free The Cloud wifi any evening from 5pm-8pm.


The first game reinvented for water is Snake, the lo-fi 70s arcade classic that was also huge on Nokia phones in the early 90s.

Granary Squirt

Up to eight people can play, simply by taking up position at the fountains with phone or tablet in hand. Avoid the growing snakes by tilting your device, and try not to get too carried away and end up slithering headlong into the spray.

Future game releases from the app will follow. We can see this gaining a bit of a cult early evening following. So go on, will you become a bit of a squirt?

Download Granary Squirt from the iOS/Apple or Android/Google app stores, free. Games played from 5pm to 8pm every night of the week at Granary Square, N1C.

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